LidGenius Design

In this solo design study, I explored the potential of 3D printing for crafting bespoke lids. Using the LidGenius app, users are able to create lids tailored for fish tanks, keyboards, and various other containers.


July 2023


Everything from research to design

┃Problem Space

Why design LidGenius

My fascination with 3D and AR has been long-standing. With a personal passion for customizing jewelry and dabbling with 3D modeling tools, I was inspired to design an app that simplifies customization for users. After conducting interviews with 15 friends and family members and researching the current market of 3D tools, I conceived the idea of creating an app dedicated to lid printing.

User pain point

When users misplace, lose, or simply don't have a lid/cover, finding a suitable replacement online becomes challenging. This often leaves them with the choice of crafting a makeshift cover or disposing of the item completely.

┃Design highlights

Scan size, customize, and print

To solve the issue of users losing lids or don't have one, I designed the app to measure the size, followed by customization (users love playing with DIY), and find nearby printers when they don't have one at hand (likely the case).

Use it in app or as add-on to Amazon product pages

The app will be on App store (for users who didn't have a lid for pastry, fish tank, etc.), and linked to Amazon product page (for users who bought a lid with the item but lost it).

┃Next steps

Create working prototype with Apple reality kit

To make a realistic working prototype, my next step is to use Apple reality kit to create the "scan" feature.

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