Design philosophy

My Design philosophy entails meaningful systems thinking. Through years of experience, I've honed my ability to discern when to apply intuitive heuristic methods and when to adopt a more contemplative approach, tailoring my design solutions to address diverse business challenges.

Design journey

My extrinsic motivation in design is resolving real-life issues, while my intrinsic motivation is the joy of creating. In college, I majored in Journalism at the School of Media and Design at SJTU & UCSD. I received MA in Instructional Technology from Columbia University with a thesis on cyberbullying and made my first website using Bootstrap.

I discovered my passion in animation and illustrations while working @Coach, and have since collaborated with agencies and created assets on my own. I also published this article @UX Collective while working there.


Travel in Spain
My guitar
I like 90s britpop and rock
Plants make me happy
and shopping for plants too

🥚If you managed to read here, I recommend the book The black swan


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