In 2019, I joined the team of modern high fashion brand Coach. The business needed a website redesign across all break points to better guide users through their shopping journey.

I designed and prototyped search/navigation/campaign concepts that increased the E-commerce conversion rate by 200%.


Sep. 2019- Sep. 2020

My Role

UI/UX designer


Product design, user research


Sketch, Principle, HTML/CSS


Design to build a brand tribe

Coach is a modern luxury brand with a long-standing reputation built on quality craftsmanship. The goal is to build a brand tribe in the long run. Seeing the opportunity to refine search and navigation, I decided to explore in what ways we could inspire discovery, provide continuous education, and limit errors throughout customers’ shopping journey.

my responsibilities


Set success metrics and negotiate competing priorities  


Write research questions and conduct user research


Rapid prototyping and iterate with A/B testing results

Improving search

Problem: Customers need better suggestions when they are searching for a product. 

Solution: Design specific search suggestions mapped to every scenario in the user flow of new/returning users. 

Better visual routing

Problem: 1. In the legacy site, the header system of the PLP didn't provide much value for users from a navigation perspective.
2. Mobile and tablet interaction design lacked filter tags behavior. Error message did not follow form correct form fill pattern.

Solution: 1. After competitive analysis, I designed the utility navigation section as an additional facet for filtering within the PLP.
2. I redesigned the mobile filter states with a modern design style.

What's Next

Building a design system

After I redesigned features for E-commerce platforms (Coach.com, CoachOutlet.com), I worked on building the design system based on outdated design files. The design system is a strategic style guide on how to produce responsive and unique pages using Coach.com’s new modular toolkit. It serves as a source of truth for designers, developers, and product managers to produce seamless shopping experiences and enriching content stories.

See more: I published 3 e-commerce web design strategies (selected by Medium to be distributed to readers interested in UX) on what I learned through working on the redesign project. 

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